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What is international tax?

International tax may sound like a global aspect that affects large multinational corporations, but in reality, we are referring to the application of the U.S. tax system in an international environment. International tax encompasses the U.S. taxation of foreign persons doing business in the U.S. (“inbound” transactions), and the taxation of U.S. persons doing business abroad (“outbound” transactions).

How do I know if I have international reporting requirements?

The table below summarizes some of the required filings for U.S. Persons.

ATKG LLP International Tax


  • NM = Non-married individual
  • M = Married individual
  • SDE = Specified domestic entity (corporation, partnership or trust)
  • Criminal penalties may also apply for failure to file.

What if I don’t report my international transactions?

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) imposes many reporting requirements for those who have assets abroad, and it heavily penalizes failures to file with high fines and even criminal prosecution. So, this is not something you want to take lightly.

Keep in mind that the new tax reform brought several changes to the international tax world, including the new repatriation tax and the new tax system that includes GILTI (Global Intangible Low Taxed Income). Don’t worry -we’ll save those details for the next blog.

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