Guerra, CPA

Senior Manager
Samanta joined ATKG as a Tax Manager in January 2015. She was promoted to Senior Manager in January 2019.

Samanta graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2006 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Since then, she has worked in a variety of industries including restaurants, real estate and construction, and international tax. Her extensive experience also includes nine years in the banking industry in Mexico. Bolstering her professional background, she became a distinguished graduate of the Texas CPA Society of San Antonio CPA Leadership Advantage program in 2012.

Outside of the office, Samanta likes to exercise, visit state parks, read non-fiction and watch documentaries, and visit museums with her two young daughters. The cause closest to her heart is the advancement of people with disabilities. She served as Treasurer at disABILITYsa from April 2017 through June 2019.

Samanta loves to learn about various cultures, their history, and their architecture. It is no surprise that when she was little, her dream was to become an archaeologist. She says she would love to visit every archaeological site in the world, starting with Mexico, Peru, and Egypt. She has already visited Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Comalcalco. She and her husband also visited Playa del Carmen, but she had to compromise with him to split their time between exploring ruins and relaxing on the beach with a cerveza.

International flavors are also in her repertoire, as Samanta enjoys cooking international cuisines (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian are on her menu) and exploring foreign grocery stores.

CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes
(Top 5)

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Samanta has a need to collect and archive. She may accumulate information, ideas, artifacts or even relationships.


Samanta has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve. The process of learning excites her.


Samanta searches for reasons and causes. She has the ability to think of all the factors that might affect a situation.


Samanta works hard and possesses a great deal of stamina. She takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.


Samanta has a deep sense of dedication and feels ownership for her commitments. She is a person of her word, and others know they can trust and rely on her.
Notable Accomplishments & Affiliations
Published Articles & Mentions
Speaking Engagements
  • Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, Member
  • 2019 disABILITYsa, Board of Directors and Treasurer
  • 2019 San Antonio Restaurant Association, Member
  • 2019 San Antonio Hispanic Chamber, Member
  • 2016-2017 Autism Treatment Center, Parent Talk presenter
  • 2012 Texas CPA Society San Antonio, CPA Leadership Advantage graduate
  • FIRTPA Tax Implications at San Antonio Board of Realtors 2018
  • Opportunity Zone Incentives at San Antonio Board of Attorneys International Law Section 2018
  • New Tax Reform at Asociacion de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionales (AMEP) 2018