Planning & Compliance

When are Taxes Fun?

Taxes are usually the most significant expense any business or individual pays. At ATKG, we have fun helping our clients keep this expense to a minimum. While compliance isn’t necessarily a party, ATKG minimizes the pain by managing clients’ risk exposure, staying on top of the multitude of filing requirements, and most certainly understanding the ever-changing tax law landscape. Because we have relationships with our clients and work with them year-round, compliance is a smoother process, and it allows us to use our magic: tax planning. While “abracadabra” doesn’t work in our world, “timing,” “character,” and “classification” are the magic words for efficient tax strategies. We help our clients plan today, so they don’t have to write checks tomorrow.

Aren’t All CPAs Good at Taxes?

Um… no? Not to disparage anyone, but it takes a special calculator-spreadsheet-pie-chart-loving person to thrive in the world of tax planning and compliance! And just because you can type “1040” doesn’t mean you should be working in this space. At ATKG, we love this stuff and spend hours on professional education to stay lean and mean in this area of practice. We also take a team approach to our clients, which means every client gets an all-star lineup of experienced professionals on their side. Not only will you always have someone to help you, our team approach means we look holistically at your business, leveraging our strengths to give you the best advice or solution.

Only Two Things in Life Are Certain…

Since taxes are the ones we know most about (although death and estate tax planning do go hand in hand), let us help you with those. We’ve got a long list of credentials to confirm we know what we’re talking about. Contact us so we can get started on enhancing your prosperity today.

Tax Planning Services
  • All Areas of Taxation Regarding:
    • Federal and State – All US Jurisdictions
    • Income
    • Estate and Gift
    • International Tax
    • Payroll
    • Property (Real and Personal)
    • Sales & Use Tax
  • Entity Structure
  • Sale or Purchase of Assets or Business
  • Tax Risk Management
  • Tax Deferred Exchanges (§1031 exchanges)
  • Tax Loss and Carryover Usage
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Selection and Change of Accounting Methods
  • Employee or Contractor Analysis
  • Hobby Loss
  • Health Savings Plans
  • Deferred Compensation or Retirement Plans
  • Philanthropy Planning

Tax Compliance Services
  • All Areas of Taxation Regarding:
    • Federal and State – All US Jurisdictions
    • International
    • Income
    • Estate and Gift
    • Payroll and DOL/INS compliance
    • Property (Real and Personal)
    • Sales & Use Tax
  • Tax Estimated Payments
  • IRS or State Audits and Notices
  • Fringe Benefit Reporting
  • Tax Credits
  • Foreign Bank Account or Asset Reporting
  • ACA Regulations
  • Review of Past Tax Filings
  • International Tax Services
  • Inbound Tax Services
  • Outbound Tax Services
  • Repatriation Tax
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