Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team has the experience to assist companies acquiring and owners divesting enhance the value of their transaction. We bring insights to identify risks and opportunities so we can increase the value of your transaction. We can also add value through a strategic review, valuation, tax planning, analysis, quality of earnings, financial due diligence, and purchase agreement considerations, and post-transaction integration.

Buy-Side Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings
  • Confirm the quality of the financial information, as well as the synergies and assumptions made in determining the purchase price.
  • Justify the Buyer’s business reasons for the transaction.
  • Provide a knowledge base to more effectively negotiate the purchase agreement and mitigate risks associated with the Seller’s business.
  • Identify contingent liabilities associated with the business.
  • Facilitate the successful integration of the Seller’s business into the Buyer.

Sell-Side Services
  • Identify issues in advance while there is time to correct deficiencies or develop risk mitigating strategies before they lead to a reduction in purchase price.
  • Increase value by identifying possible improvements in value drivers.
  • Increase Seller’s leverage by disclosing issues while there are still multiple buyers making offers.
  • Avoid waste of time and money if the deal is killed later in the process due to issues discovered by the Buyer.
  • Streamline the transaction process allowing management more time to run the business.

Working Capital Analysis

M&A Valuations

Tax Due Diligence and Structure

Merger Integration and Optimization
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