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There are many instances where the expertise of a business valuation analyst can be beneficial. In divorce litigation, the valuation analyst can play a crucial role in determining the value of a business when one or both divorcing parties own a business. Likewise, in a business dispute, where the partners or shareholders disagree over the value of their ownership interest, the valuation analyst can apply his or her unique skills to facilitate the determination of value.

In estate and gift tax planning, it’s common practice to engage the services of a valuation analyst to ensure federal tax compliance. Valuation analysts are also frequently engaged to value a business when there is a succession plan, or the business owners want to sell.

The ATKG team of professional business valuation analysts have the experience to handle all these situations. The members of our team are certified by the AICPA as ABVs and have prepared countless business valuations for small and mid-size, privately held companies in a variety of industries. Our members are experts in accounting and recognize the importance of staying current with changes in valuation standards and advances in technology that improve the business valuation experience.

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