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In a complex and rapidly changing business and social environment, it’s critically important to have an experienced professional with the right skills. Whether you are seeking a professional with expertise in forensic investigation, business litigation, business valuation or family law consultation, ATKG’s team of forensic, valuation and litigation support professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to advise you in these areas. We are known for our relentless pursuit of client satisfaction and the delivery of quality services.

Experience Matters

Our highly experienced team can effectively and efficiently pull the story out of the numbers. Our professionals have a wide breadth of knowledge and skills in fraud examination, internal control assessment, business valuation, due diligence, quality of earnings analysis and litigation support in business disputes and divorce. Through our years of practice, we have built strong relationships with noteworthy attorneys across Texas.

Divorce & Business Disputes

ATKG’s litigation support specialists have extensive experience partnering with prominent attorneys in San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Corpus Christi, and other cities in Texas. Our team is highly skilled at evaluating data, compiling information efficiently, and documenting the evidence to help resolve a business dispute or provide family law consultation in a divorce matter.


ATKG’s experienced, forensic professionals are available to assist you with the investigative process. The ATKG team has the expertise to gather non-financial and financial data from fraud examinations, professional interviews and data analytics and analyze that data to identify the facts and pinpoint the weaknesses that allowed the fraud to occur.


The ATKG team of professional business valuation analysts is equipped to handle all these situations. The members of our team are certified by the AICPA as ABVs and have prepared countless business valuations for small and mid-size, privately held companies in a variety of industries.

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