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Exactly What Your Business Needs

Imagine it’s the early years of your brand-new company—the business plan is set in motion. You’re generating sales, making monthly lease payments, even throwing epic annual Christmas parties. With all the action taking place you need a rock star CPA firm to handle all your accounting and bookkeeping services, which include monthly prepared financial statements that management can evaluate. ATKG CAN DO THAT.

A couple of years down the road you ditch that cramped office space and purchase a building that you can call your own. As part of the loan covenant on the note, the bank requires compiled financial statements. ATKG CAN DO THAT TOO.

Business is good but you’re ready to expand into a new market. You need funding for research, travel, and additional personnel. With this larger line-of-credit, the bank will request reviewed financial statements to provide a higher level of assurance. ATKG CAN DO THAT ALSO. You need $2 million more to start building that new location? That’s great. But expect the bank to want a CPA to quantify and validate specific information about your inventory, accounts receivable, or other relevant financial statement data in the form of agreed upon procedures. YOU GUESSED IT. ATKG CAN DO THAT.

As your company grows, you’ve been forced to delegate the finance, purchasing, and sales responsibilities. How can you be sure that all these departments are running with minimal operating errors, and more importantly, without occurrences of fraud? To help set your mind at ease you need an internal control review team to come in and assess the effectiveness of your financial reporting controls. DO WE REALLY NEED TO SAY IT? ATKG CAN DO THAT AS WELL.

No matter which stage your company is in, ATKG has its team of rock stars that provide unparallel financial statement and assurance services to fit your needs.

Financial Statement Review
  • ATKG issues a review report after performing analytics, inquiries and other procedures to provide clients with a level of comfort on their financial statements
  • Intended to provide lenders and other outside parties with a basic level of assurance on the accuracy of financial statements
  • Typically, appropriate as a business grows and is seeking larger and more complex levels of financing and credit

Compiled Financial Statements
  • ATKG issues a compilation report after gaining an understanding of your business, accounting principles, and financial reporting system to present financial statements
  • Intended for use by lenders and other outside parties who may appreciate the business’ association with a CPA without requiring the level of assurance of a review
  • Typically, appropriate when initial or lower amounts of financing or credit are sought or significant collateral is in place

Prepared Financial Statements
  • ATKG assists businesses in presenting its financial statements in an acceptable financial reporting framework
  • Intended for businesses who may not have a controller or CFO and need assistance in preparing and evaluating its financial results
  • Typically, appropriate for internal use but can be distributed to third parties

Agreed Upon Procedures
  • ATKG issues a report that provides the details and results of specific procedures performed that the business or third-party user have deemed appropriate based on their needs
  • Intended for businesses who do not require a full-blown financial statement audit but still desire a certain level of assurance on specific accounts or elements of a business, such as inventory, accounts receivable or contractual obligations
  • Typically appropriate when a business or a third party wish to evaluate results according to their specific use

Internal Control Risk Assessment
  • ATKG performs this assessment to assist a business in evaluating its current internal controls over its financial reporting
  • Intended for businesses who wish to ensure reliability and integrity of financial information and safeguarding of assets
  • Typically, appropriate if a business’ internal controls have never or have not recently been evaluated by a CPA

Client Accounting Services
  • Do you need basic bookkeeping? We can handle that
  • If you need more involved accounting, depending on your business needs, ATKG can customize a back-office solution for your specific situation. This is a great fit for start-up companies and family offices
  • Have your own accounting staff but lack skilled supervision? ATKG can supervise your accounting department on a monthly or a quarterly basis. We can also provide Controller or CFO level services


‘‘My father and I have used the firm since the days of founder James Ahern and they have always provided excellent, accurate advice.’’

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‘‘I couldn't be happier with the choice to move from EY to ATKG. A.J. and Diane, along with Alisha and all the support staff have been instrumental in helping me with a complicated Estate and Foundation scenario. Not only have they provided me with phenomenal accounting and tax advice, they have gone above and beyond to help me plan for today, tomorrow and far beyond. Thank you ATKG!!!’’

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