How to Make a Profit in the World of $90 Avocados

Owning a business is a challenge no matter what industry you are in. Keeping everything on track, growing your people, serving your customers, and working to make a profit keep many business owners awake at night. For Moris Saide, owner of Costa Pacifica restaurant, it is no different. I recently sat down with Moris to hear about how he is keeping his restaurant going amidst all of the chaos.

Moris comes from a family entrenched in the hospitality world. His parents owned a long line of successful businesses.  Born in Mexico, Moris helped his parents in their restaurant as a young man, but swore to never open one of his own. Fast forward a few years and Moris found himself in San Antonio looking for a new challenge to help himself grow. The answer – open a restaurant! Since then Moris and his business partner, who is also his cousin, have founded and grown Costa Pacifica into one of the city’s most unique and delicious seafood restaurants.

During our conversation Moris mentioned some of the challenges he’s faced in a world where produce prices, for example, swing wildly week to week. Early this year he could buy a crate of avocados for about $20. A few weeks ago he paid $90. How do you keep your business healthy and profitable in that kind of situation? “The profit is in the details” says Moris. He and his management team take a detailed look at their numbers each week and make small adjustments to keep them on track. For example, if they see a certain ingredient in a dish is getting a bit too pricey, they will substitute in something similar that is less expensive. The team might also change up what is offered on the menu based on what is fresh, available, and affordable. This attention to the details allows the overall format of a dish to remain the same, the quality to stay high, the price point for the customer to remain constant, and keeps the bottom line healthy.

Moris has big plans for the future. The Soccer World Cup is coming soon, and Costa Pacifica will be on the front lines cheering on their favorite teams. Moris is also using the same disciplined approach to business in his newest adventure. In early November he opened a brand new BBQ restaurant called Bar-B-Cutie. Several ATKGers and I got a sneak peek before the doors opened to the public and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When you go, be sure to grab a portion of peach cobbler – you won’t regret it!

Running a successful restaurant is one of the most challenging industries to go into. In a world of $90 avocados, Moris and his team have certainly found the recipe for success and will continue to bring great food and hospitality to San Antonio for years to come.



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