Order Up! Top-Shelf Services for Your Restaurant

It’s a busy Saturday night. Orders are piling up. There is a line of hungry customers out the door. Table six just asked to see the manager. Two members of your team just called in sick. The POS terminal crashed. Oh yeah, and did you remember to file that tax return?

Running a restaurant is a juggling act. You must be a chef, an operator, a counselor, and a business owner all at the same time. We understand what you’re going through. At ATKG we have a wealth of experience helping restaurants manage not only their tax compliance, but also their day to day operations and human resources issues. Our team of experts will help you find ways to more accurately cost out your menu, shop for a new and more reliable POS system, keep the employee benefits program updated and compliant, and much more. We will also find ways to help build your business by looking for advantageous tax deductions and credits that allow you to hold onto your hard-earned cash.

Our partnerships with Allinial Global, The San Antonio Restaurant Association, and The Texas Restaurant Association give us a deep well of resources to leverage for you and your restaurant. Whether this is your first location, or you are running a franchised empire, ATKG is here to help you sleep better at night with our lineup of top-shelf consulting and tax services.