Closely Held Businesses

“That Business You Created on a Bar Napkin”

So, you, your college buddy, and your childhood best friend created a business, and it took off. You are profitable, you think but have no cash. It would help if you had capital, but no one will loan you money without money. You have equipment but aren’t sure what insurance coverage you have or need. And you are hiring like crazy to keep up with the demand. ATKG can help sort through your opportunities and challenges and help develop a strategy that gets your business on a stable path.

We know closely held businesses. We breathe them, and we are one. We know the pressures, demands, and what it’s like to suddenly feel responsible for whether the company is going to succeed or fail. This is where ATKG comes in.

We can help coordinate your banking needs, loans, and manage cash flow. We can help identify HR solutions that align with your needs. We can set-up your accounting software and reporting, so you have the information you need to run your business. We can teach you how to read the reports so you can use them to make informed business decisions. We can facilitate a conversation to help make sure you and your business partners are on the same page. And when you are ready to pass on the torch to another owner, such as a family member, we can build a business succession plan. We are great at looking at every aspect of your business to ensure you succeed because we want what’s best for you.

Client Stories
Cancer Insight Partners with ATKG

Cancer Insight

As a Clinical Research Organization, Cancer Insight is deeply devoted to discovering, developing, and testing emerging bio-technologies related to cancer therapies. We are passionate about the work we do because […]
Beth Hair

Beth Hair - Entrepreneur and Business Owner

In 2009, I contacted ATKG about starting a consulting firm. What I needed, at that moment, was a trusted adviser to work through the finite details. By the second quarter […]
Clear Design Office Furniture

Clear Design

Our office furniture manufacturing company was started by our father in Sheffield, England in 1982. We began operations in the U.S. in 2003. Since then, we have seen our business […]

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

When it came time for us to choose a CPA firm to team up with, we asked our colleagues in the food and beverage industry which companies they recommended. Finally, […]

Rosario's Mexican Cafe & Cantina

In the same way that I care about delivering a great experience to my customers, that’s why I came to ATKG years ago. I admired [ATKG’s] above and beyond care for […]


When I completed the ‘Find Your Why.’ exercise designed by Simon Sinek, I came to realize my WHY was helping others succeed. It led to building an enterprise-level IT business […]

Ten Triple X Ranch

On the advice of one of our trusted bankers, we started talking with ATKG. They were known, even 15+ years ago, as a firm that specialized in family ranches. Ten […]
Joe and Connie Mitchell

Joe and Connie Mitchell

Our relationship started small, with the firm doing the accounting for one of our ranches. It scaled relatively quickly as we began to see the value in our partnership. ATKG […]