MSI / Dixie Iron Works, LTD

Dixie Iron Works has been in operation since 1933 in Alice, Texas. In 1987, we formed Manifold Systems, Inc. which is our main product line today. We truly believe pure luck wasn’t what earned us nearly 90 years in the oilfield business. Instead it was a company-wide commitment to quality of output, customer satisfaction, and respect for our employees. These are the same values we have seen ATKG exhibit over the years. Our industry is known for experiencing countless fluctuations which is why having a proactive, forwarding thinking accounting firm working alongside you is the difference between getting by and forming a strategy to reach the next level. We know ATKG takes an active role in understanding where we are headed and is prepared to provide insight on our top 3 things to avoid or to take advantage of, such as research and development credits. There have been times when I have mentioned to others, I was just getting off a call with our accounting firm. Only to hear them respond, “That couldn’t have been much fun.” But the fact is even when our conversation starts with “bad news” which typically means we owe taxes; we end on a positive note. Why? Because the team at ATKG is exceptional at what they do and fun to work with.

Gerard Danos, II