Connie and Joe Mitchell

Our relationship [with ATKG] started off small, with the firm doing the accounting for one of our ranches. It scaled relatively quickly as we started to see the value in our partnership. ATKG offered a lot of planning advice that helped us get the greatest benefits for our numerous family-run businesses in a way that was most advantageous to us, personally – the owners. Today, ours has evolved into a total personal relationship with ATKG.  We look to ATKG to proactively guide us in determining how to structure our companies, organize entities for our children and identify any pitfalls we might be missing. More than anything else, I want things done right.  I want to follow the rules, but also get every benefit I’m entitled to, on behalf of my family.  I have confidence that ATKG helps me achieve those objectives.  There’s no question in my mind that ATKG has saved me – and ultimately my family — millions of dollars over the years.