Clear Design

Our office furniture manufacturing company was started by our father in Sheffield, England in 1982. We began operations in the U.S. in 2003. Since then, we have seen our business grow every year because of our agility and innovation in adapting to change and challenges such as the economic crisis of 2008. Through it all, Clear Design has remained true to its values, such as Customer Focus – every service we offer, the customer is top of mind. We believe in placing team before self and being authentic and trustworthy is how our clients and team should be treated. When we needed stronger review and attestation expertise, we wanted an accounting firm that not only had the expertise we were looking for but shared our company values. Whether helping us navigate GAAP changes, especially in revenue recognition, or purchasing property to meet our continued growth, ATKG was there. Our team at ATKG understands the value of partnership. We are not a transaction or check the box client. We are in it together. They are committed to understanding the uniqueness of our business, because they too keep their customer’s top of mind in all they do.

Luke Warrilow