Cancer Insight

As a Clinical Research Organization, Cancer Insight is deeply devoted to discovering, developing, and testing emerging bio-technologies related to cancer therapies. We are passionate about the work we do because we know we are transforming impossibilities into hope. After feeling lost in the shuffle when working with a large national firm, we knew we needed an accounting firm who was as committed to helping others as we are. ATKG came highly recommended. After meeting with them, we knew they were a natural fit and a visibly unique firm. Their team members like where they work and believe in the difference they are making for their clients – that resonated with us. Cancer Insight works to provide a higher standard of care for cancer patients and ATKG does the same for its clients. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the specialized expertise and insight, we receive from them. The ATKG way means our success is their success which is why we value their commitment to Cancer Insight and its mission.

Steven White
Chief Operating Officer