Beth Hair – Entrepreneur and Business Owner

In 2009, I contacted ATKG about starting a consulting firm. What I needed, at that moment, was a trusted adviser to work through the finite details. By the second quarter of that year, our Houston office was launched. A few months later, we opened the doors to a second location in San Antonio.

Much to our surprise, not only did ATKG expertly guide us through the process of establishing our business, but they also offered us unused space in their office. Over the time we leased space in ATKG’s office, we had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand what makes ATKG special – the depth of expertise shared by a close-knit team committed to serving their clients and community.  We were truly grateful for ATKG’s expertise and support and felt a special bond with the ATKG family.  Because of ATKG’s desire to enhance the prosperity of its clients, we were able to build our business into a company that has employed hundreds of professionals in San Antonio over the years.

More than a decade later, ATKG remains our trusted adviser. We leverage almost every service they offer. We value their proactive approach because it keeps us looking toward the future. If I were to capture the creativity and insightfulness of ATKG in a few words, I would say they are focused on our goals and genuinely concerned about me and my business ventures. In the end, it comes down to the mutual trust we have developed in one another.


‘‘My father and I have used the firm since the days of founder James Ahern and they have always provided excellent, accurate advice.’’

Michael Luigs

Land / Water / Sky, LLC

‘‘Everyone that I have worked with at ATKG is extremely friendly, helpful and always very responsive!’’

Melissa Lubbers

GAL Enterprises, LLC

‘‘Responsiveness Timeliness Good communications’’

Pete Selig

Biga Int'l, LLP

‘‘Very personable. Created some great relationships with Teryn, Diane and the seniors and managers on my account over the years. Knowledgeable.’’

Melanie Fluitt

3 Star Daylighting, LP

‘‘My ATKG team’’

Charles Hall

Clear Rock Advisors, LLC

‘‘I couldn't be happier with the choice to move from EY to ATKG. A.J. and Diane, along with Alisha and all the support staff have been instrumental in helping me with a complicated Estate and Foundation scenario. Not only have they provided me with phenomenal accounting and tax advice, they have gone above and beyond to help me plan for today, tomorrow and far beyond. Thank you ATKG!!!’’

Amy Burdick

Richard L Burdick Foundation

‘‘AJ is awesome. Nuff said.’’

Morris Miller

Xenex Disinfection Services, LLC

‘‘Eric has a great smile!’’

Steven Krauskopf

KFW Engineers & Surveying

‘‘Angie and Courtney are very responsive. A great team.’’

Debbie Roberts

Ford Murray, PLLC

‘‘We continue to identify atkg accounting firm as part of our personal/business planning team because they are a professional firm with an impeccable level of service.’’

Tom Contreras

Sigma Aviation, LLC