Bucket List Moment: Cooking Classes

I was recently fortunate enough to be drawn as a recipient of ATKG’s Bucket List Program. I joined the ranks of a handful of ATKGers who were chosen to fulfill a pre-submitted bucket list item. My bucket list item included attending professional cooking classes encouraging one of my personal passions and was fully funded by ATKG.

My culinary passion developed during my prior career as a restaurant manager. Over years in the industry, I had numerous opportunities to learn culinary tricks from amazing chefs and share in their creative visions. However, I never attended actual classes to learn. I simply picked up what I could from observation.

When I arrived at ATKG I began sharing my passion by bringing in items such as chocolate pumpkin bread, churro cheesecake bars, herbed crusted pork tenderloin, spinach artichoke dip and a medley of other items. I was elated when my name was drawn for bucket list because not only would I be able to attend professional classes, but it also meant that I would have ATKG as a practice audience.

ATKG granted my attendance of a couple of cooking classes ranging from “French Macarons” to “Thai cooking at home”. I learned some exciting seasonal recipes such as coconut lime sorbet, Victorian sponge roll, orange dreamsicle macarons, cast iron skillet crispy chicken, authentic Pad Thai and the infamous Choux pastry. Not to worry, I learned the calorie free versions (wink) and am accepting taste tester applications!

Thank you ATKG for granting my bucket list wish. My restorative strength cannot wait to bring in some special items to get us through the upcoming tax season!







Marcus Cantu

ATKG Staff


The ATKG Bucket List Program

The ATKG Bucket List program was designed to enhance the experience of being an ATKGer. Intended to help realize some of our ATKGer’s wildest, most “out there,” and “if only” dreams, the firm dedicates resources to helping our team fulfill these lifelong goals. At random times throughout the year, the partners draw a card from the bucket identifying an ATKGer and his or her bucket list item! The Bucket List Program helps our team cross off items on their personal bucket list while encouraging our team to continue to dream big.