ATKG’s Internship Recruiting Process

Are you an accounting major looking for an internship?

ATKG is already looking for rock star accounting students to join our team in 2021! We know that sounds far away, but public accounting firms typically conduct internship interviews an entire year in advance.  So, it’s important to look at internship opportunities early.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here is a timeline on the recruiting process at ATKG and some tips on how to secure your dream internship.

Fall 2019 – Meet the Firms & Career Fairs

The fall semester is the best time to network and research. Attend your university’s Meet the Firms event and career fairs to introduce yourself to potential employers and learn about different firms. You can find out when ATKG is visiting your campus by checking out our website. When attending an event, be sure sure to stop by our booth to say hello and meet members of our team.

Tip: Always have a resume ready when attending a career fair. Make sure it’s up to date and free of spelling and grammar errors.

January 2020 – ATKG’s Internship Job Ad Posted

In January 2020, ATKG’s internship job ad is posted for both spring and summer internships. Apply online through your university’s career services website. (Handshake, Purple Briefcase, etc.)

Tip: If you can’t find ATKG’s internship job posting, email Amy Kaster at

March/April 2020 – Campus and Phone Interviews

Initial interviews are held in March and early April. These interviews either take place on campus or over the phone based on availability.

Tip: Participate in mock interview workshops, if possible. The more you practice, the more comfortable and natural interviewing will feel.

May 2020 – Office Visit at ATKG

In May, select candidates visit our office and learn about our clients, culture, and career opportunities. This special day helps students see how their unique talents and strengths can be utilized at ATKG.

Tip: Remember that interviews are how we get to know you and how you also get to know us. Have questions prepared about things you really want to know about both ATKG and public accounting.

May 2020 – ATKG’s Intern Announcement

After office visits, we will announce our 2021 internship offers for both spring and summer. Welcome to our rock star team!

By taking these steps, you are setting yourself up for a successful recruiting season. Let your adventure begin at ATKG!

For more information about ATKG’s internship program, visit our internship page.
Have questions? Contact Amy Kaster at 210.293.5351 or