ATKG Ranks Second in U.S. For Best Places to Work

Firms across America are pulling out the stops when it comes to retaining talent. So how does a fifty-person firm in San Antonio get ranked second in the nation for Best Small Accounting Firms to Work For by accountingTODAY? It’s simple. ATKG places employee engagement above all other factors, such as benefits, compensation, rewards and advancement opportunities. Although each of these are fundamental elements to retention, they can also be replicated.

ATKG’s Managing Partner, Melanie Kirk, stated, “We work towards ensuring every team member has a feeling of purpose at ATKG. Our entire team is actively engaged in creating the collaborative work environment that exists today. They are empowered to have a hand in steering the direction we take as a firm, which ultimately results in everyone working together to create a workplace we can be proud of”.

2018 marks the second time ATKG ranked second in the nation in the small firm category. It’s also the sixth year they made the Top 10. Only four Texas based accounting firms made the small firms list which consisted of 47 U.S. firms. ATKG is also the only locally based accounting firm to receive a ranking – an accomplishment the firm’s leadership is proud of.

The survey, which was conducted by Best Companies Group, revealed firm’s chosen had team members who felt they were a part of a team working toward a shared goal. They were treated like a person, not a number and had shared memories of having fun at work. Team members at ATKG, who the firm affectionately refers to as Rock Stars, will tell you, “We are in it together and that’s what sets ATKG apart”.