Allison Miller Weighs-in on this Year’s Tax Outlook

Tax Partner and Director of ATKG’s Federal Tax practice Allison Miller talks with Jimmy Holmes, Publisher of the San Antonio Business Journal, to discuss the greatest tax challenges and opportunities individuals and businesses will face in 2021.

The Table of Experts special publication released on February 12th brings together some of the city’s most respected tax experts to discuss key issues, such as:

  • The impact the Biden tax plan will have on businesses
  • Given concerns regarding tax increases. What are clients asking you right now, and how can they prepare?
  • What impact will the Biden Administration have on estate planning?
  • Should charitable considerations be altered due to possible tax changes? How will this impact itemized deductions?
  • The pandemic changed the way we conduct business as more employees work remotely. What advice do you have for businesses as they continue to adapt to a remote work environment?
  • What expenses are businesses investing in to ensure a good remote work environment for their teams?

If these are questions you seek answers to, we encourage you to read the full publication below by clicking on the image.

San Antonio Business Journal  Table of Experts