Why Us

Distinctive & Unique

What Makes Us…Us?

Have you ever been frustrated when your CPA won’t return your phone calls? Did your eyes roll back into your head when they rattled off another code section? Have you sometimes wondered if your CPA is from another planet because they just don’t seem to understand your business goals?

We get it. CPAs can have a bad reputation for being busy, talking code and only focusing on the past.

At ATKG, we’re different. You have a team of professionals assigned to serving your needs, so you always have someone to call, email or meet with. You aren’t just a number to us. We want to get to know you on a personal level and learn about your business and financial goals and dreams. We respond quickly to your needs and challenges because let’s be honest-how were you supposed to predict that you would get a multi-million dollar offer on the company you just started? We think outside the box when you’re feeling trapped by tax laws or loan covenants. We’re not right for everyone and not every potential client is right for us. But, when we find that match, it’s the feeling of a cold margarita on a hot Texas day.

The Best of Both Worlds

Trying to decide between a big firm and well, us? Sure, the big firms have fancy slogans, tall buildings and they appear on the Oscars. We get it. You want the technical expertise that a big firm offers, without the big firm price tag and impersonal relationships. We can offer that to you because of our affiliation with Allinial Global.

Allinial is an association of international accounting and consulting firms that affords us access to everything the big guys have – from technical expertise to training. We are connected across the globe and share resources with other accounting firms in the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We’re prepared to meet your needs – no matter where you’re doing business.


Elevating Our People
When we succeed, our clients reap the rewards. We invest in our people to help them reach their full potential. You’ll receive plenty of training, coaching and mentoring to not only serve your clients’ needs, but also to help you meet your personal goals.