About Us

Our Client Commitment

Since 1982, ATKG has specialized in tax, accounting, advisory, assurance and litigation support services for a select client base of closely held businesses and large family groups. We are a hands-on firm that has built our business around the entire client experience, not just the result. We leverage a team of intelligent and creative professionals who collaborate to support both your unique financial and life goals. To ensure the perfect partnership, ATKG seeks out engaged clients. We find that clients who are proactive and communicate frequently are the same ones who receive the most rewarding experiences and outcomes. Our roster is full of invested clients. Therefore, we limit the amount we have at any given time to allow for the development and growth of trusted relationships.

Our Team

Strong, meaningful relationships with our clients is key to our firm’s success. But so is developing our team and each individual team member. At ATKG we look for creative and intelligent talent. If that’s you, then bring the ambition, and we’ll provide the resources, along with a fun, progressive work environment. Our boutique size and handpicked client base gives our rock star people control over their professional lives, which, in turn gives them much more control over their personal ones as well.

Strengths Focused Culture

ATKG uses the Gallup CliftonStrengths® assessment, which measures the presence of talent, as the foundation for its people development program. By focusing on our talents as individuals, each team member has a personalized approach to their professional development and is encouraged to invest their time in areas where they can use their natural talent. Our team has invested significant time to learn our individual and team talents and to take action to build our talents into strengths.

Focusing on our strengths has permeated our ATKG culture. When college recruits come to visit our office, they are met with a team that has natural relationship building talents. When we have new projects, we identify individuals who would enjoy working on those sorts of projects based on their talents. When we need some fresh ideas, we look to our teammates that are natural ideas and strategic thinkers. When we need to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time, we turn to our teammates with high execution talents.

ATKG appreciates that each one of us has specific areas of talent and contributes to the firm in a unique way.

Our Mission

Enhancing Prosperity

our Vision

Rock star people. Rock star clients. Rock star experience.

our values


We see opportunities not problems. We know applying a positive attitude will take us a long way in achieving our goals. If we look for the good in every situation and person, that is what you will see!


We are one team committed to enhancing the prosperity of our clients, community, firm and our fellow ATKG’ers. The value of our team is greater than the sum of the individuals. We make each other better.


We foster trust, respect and understanding through candid, thoughtful and direct communication. Because we are committed to mutual success, we are receptive to new ideas, constructive feedback and change.


ATKG looks beyond what’s required. When faced with the ordinary, we look for the extraordinary. Because we proactively ask questions and listen, we find unexpected opportunities for our clients and our team.


We take an active interest in our clients and our team. We celebrate successes and approach challenges as if they were our own.

Elevating our people
When we succeed, our clients reap the rewards. We invest in our people to help them reach their full potential. You’ll receive plenty of training, coaching and mentoring to not only serve your clients’ needs, but also to help you meet your personal goals.


‘‘My father and I have used the firm since the days of founder James Ahern and they have always provided excellent, accurate advice.’’

Michael Luigs

Land / Water / Sky, LLC

‘‘Everyone that I have worked with at ATKG is extremely friendly, helpful and always very responsive!’’

Melissa Lubbers

GAL Enterprises, LLC

‘‘Responsiveness Timeliness Good communications’’

Pete Selig

Biga Int'l, LLP

‘‘Very personable. Created some great relationships with Teryn, Diane and the seniors and managers on my account over the years. Knowledgeable.’’

Melanie Fluitt

3 Star Daylighting, LP

‘‘My ATKG team’’

Charles Hall

Clear Rock Advisors, LLC

‘‘I couldn't be happier with the choice to move from EY to ATKG. A.J. and Diane, along with Alisha and all the support staff have been instrumental in helping me with a complicated Estate and Foundation scenario. Not only have they provided me with phenomenal accounting and tax advice, they have gone above and beyond to help me plan for today, tomorrow and far beyond. Thank you ATKG!!!’’

Amy Burdick

Richard L Burdick Foundation

‘‘AJ is awesome. Nuff said.’’

Morris Miller

Xenex Disinfection Services, LLC

‘‘Eric has a great smile!’’

Steven Krauskopf

KFW Engineers & Surveying

‘‘Angie and Courtney are very responsive. A great team.’’

Debbie Roberts

Ford Murray, PLLC

‘‘We continue to identify atkg accounting firm as part of our personal/business planning team because they are a professional firm with an impeccable level of service.’’

Tom Contreras

Sigma Aviation, LLC