A Walk-about Through Italy

By: Kim Alaniz, ATKG Senior

Recently, I celebrated my five-year work anniversary with ATKG. Time really flies when you’re having a blast at such an awesome workplace! Celebrating a work anniversary is important to ATKG, but when you reach a 5-year marker, such as 5, 10, 15-years or more the celebration shifts into overdrive.

The firm refers to it as a Walk-about and it’s a great employee perk. For a five-year anniversary, it means an additional two weeks of paid time-off. For ten-years or more, it’s an additional four weeks! A walk-about is different than regular personal time-off because you are required to use all of it at once. That’s an entire 2 or 4 weeks off in a row!

Rome, Italy

Rome, Venice & Florence

During my recent walk-about, I crossed a BIG item off my bucket list, which was to travel to Italy. My husband and I married less than a year ago and hadn’t taken an official honeymoon, so I felt this was the perfect opportunity. Being an accountant, I’m all about planning and efficiency. During our trip to Italy, we visited Rome, Venice, and Florence. We were completely in awe of all the breathtaking scenery and deep-rooted history. We were also fortunate enough to see the Pope – another item on my bucket list. We thoroughly enjoyed all the amazing Italian food, wine, and olive oil.

Another benefit of the walk-about program is that you are expected to completely “unplug” from work, which includes working remotely or checking e-mails. Before leaving the office for my walk-about, I coordinated the management of my clients and any outstanding projects with fellow colleagues. ATKG leadership strongly encourages this aspect of the program. It’s a chance to truly relax, recharge and enjoy your well-earned time off.

Thank You, ATKG!

I am very grateful to ATKG’s partnership and my fellow co-workers for stepping in to assist with my responsibilities, so my husband and I could enjoy my walk-about. It was a trip we will never forget. I was even excited to return to work, so I could share my stories and experience with my ATKG family.

ATKG Walk-about

Kim Alaniz 5-year Work AnniversaryKim Alaniz 5-year Work Anniversary

ATKG Walk-about