Who are we kidding?  We know there’s a run on awesome Senior Managers in the region.  And if you want to work 70 hours a week and sleep in a business suit at the office, ATKG is likely not the place for you.  If, however, you want to be part of a relaxed, colorful, professional environment where the work is as interesting as the people and work-life balance is a reality, keep reading.

To cut to the chase, we are looking for a Senior Manager with partnership potential.  So, if you have a CPA license, career-progressive years in public accounting, and a proven track record of entrepreneurial, goal-oriented professional accomplishments, maybe it’s time to make a change – for the better.

ATKG’s Senior Managers are central to our client service function and serve as our clients’ trusted advisors. They also build relationships with business affiliates and community leaders to promote ATKG’s reputation in the city and surrounding area.

Those relationships extend internally as well, as Senior Managers lead our creative and high-energy team of individuals.  Senior Managers care as much about our team members as they do about our clients, growing and developing people while modeling our values of being insightful, responsible, open and caring.

Senior Managers are involved in just about every aspect of the business that our Partners are.  As such, we are looking for stewards to participate actively in the management of the firm along its strategic path.  An ATKG Senior Manager is self-motivated, a continuous learner and actively engaged in community efforts that are meaningful to him or her. If you can do all this —  with humor and enthusiasm – ATKG just may be the place for you.