ATKG’s Tax Seniors carry a significant amount of responsibility in the firm.  Typically holding a degree in Accounting and demonstrating successful experience in public accounting including some supervisory experience, a CPA-licensed Senior is responsible for more complex tax preparation, assurance and consulting work.  Seniors also serve as the key resources for junior team members and as the first review point for front line work.  Not that far removed from the Staff level, Seniors are formally responsible for the training and education of new employees, ensuring their smooth transition into ATKG’s technical environment.

ATKG Seniors have responsibility for client interactions, as well, often becoming the initial point of contact for a client or client group.  At ATKG, each team member is an integral part of the business, invited in to help run a piece of it – not simply left on the outer circle until they’ve reached a certain tenure or management level.  Let’s face it, being a Senior has some major advantages: you’re no longer the most junior person on the totem pole!  We know it sounds too good to be true, but come see for yourself.