A Manager at ATKG wears many hats at the firm, but primarily that of a leader.  A proven CPA with experience in public accounting, an ATKG Manager serves as the quarterback on client engagements, leveraging advanced technical and management skills on a daily basis.  Managers are the primary client liaison and are responsible for the relationship, including oversight of ATKG resources to complete work with ATKG quality, and most importantly, providing rock star experiences that model our values of being insightful, responsible, open and caring.

Managers also have tactical and strategic roles in helping to run the practice that range from broader compliance considerations, sales and marketing and HR responsibilities.   They make sure we “color between the lines” when it comes to meeting the high standards of our profession;  they leverage their community network to raise awareness of ATKG’s brand and introduce all sorts of interesting people to us; and they help us grow and develop the next generation of ATKG rock stars.   Even as a Manager, it’s great to engage in a game of office dodge ball or recruit colleagues to join you on your next bucket-list adventure.  Zip lining anyone?  We want our Managers to lead by example, so if some fun is in your leadership book, apply today to be an ATKG Manager.