ATKG looks beyond what's required. When faced with the ordinary, we look for the extraordinary. Because we proactively ask questions and listen, we find opportunities for our clients and our team that others may miss.
We seek out opportunities to learn. We foster trust, understanding and respect through candid and thoughtful communication. Because we are committed to mutual success, we are receptive to new ideas and constructive feedback.
We do what we say we're going to do. We follow up and follow through. We are an organization that exhibits the highest level of personal accountability. And we own the outcome of our efforts, every time.
"Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn." We take an active interest in our clients and our team. We celebrate their successes and approach their challenges as if they were our own.

If you love public accounting and interesting clients, but are rethinking the bureaucracy and work-centric nature of a big firm, perhaps it’s time to make a change – for the better. Because of our boutique size and select client base, professionals at ATKG have much more control over their professional lives which, in turn, gives them much more control over their personal ones as well.

While our size allows us to expedite decision-making, simplify communication, and avoid red tape, we have many advantages of a large firm. As a member of Allinial Global, ATKG is connected to 245 member firms in every major market across the US and worldwide. This affiliation means access to global accounting experts, leading-edge practices, training and a chance to connect with member firms.

One of our partners, an alumna of one of the Big Four, makes the best sales pitch for ATKG: “When we established the firm, we kept all the things we liked about the big firm and got rid of all the things we didn’t.”

At ATKG, we don’t hire to fill a recruiting quota or maintain an organizational pyramid. Rather, we patiently and strategically look for people who will provide exceptional client service, who fit our culture, and most importantly, share our values. We’re picky, but being this way has produced a firm that makes the “Best Places to Work” list year after year. You simply won’t find a big accounting firm on that list!

Upon joining the team, each of our employees becomes responsible for a part of the business. That person becomes the go-to person for dealing with the Secretary of State or coordinating CPE or even managing our social media. While large-firm employees are hired to produce the most billable hours and spend 99% of their day on tax returns, at ATKG, our employees run all aspects of the business versus just reading about it in an article or textbook.

And then there’s work-life balance…Due to the powerful culture our partners have created, we average much less overtime than the 2,800+ hours reported by people at large firms. The only thing ATKG asks is that you get your work done on time and at ATKG quality. And if you happen to have a quick game of dodge ball or spend a few minutes enjoying the fish in the office aquarium while you’re at work, well, then you’ve figured out what it means to be an ATKG-er. 

At ATKG, we do things just a little differently. You can read about it all you want, but to really get it, you’ve gotta come check it out!

When you work for ATKG, along with a fun environment and a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow, you'll receive a bunch of really great benefits: employer-funded health insurance, employer-matched retirement plan, paid time off, gym membership, business casual and casual dress code, and healthy work-life balance.
ATKG is a member of Allinial Global, an association of accounting and consulting firms whose members exchange expertise, resources, and advice in a wide range of industries. Only one firm from every major market is invited to join, connecting us with over 100 accounting firms and other resources in the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Our membership is valuable to us as well as to our clients and our employees. It allows us to provide the feel and attention of a personalized, local firm, while empowering us with the resources and knowledge capital of a large, international one.