Developing relationships with our clients is key to our firm’s success, and so is developing our team and our individual team members. We invest in our people. You bring the ambition, and we’ll provide the resources, along with a fun, progressive work environment. Our boutique size and handpicked client base gives our rock star people control over their professional lives, which, in turn gives them much more control over their personal ones as well.

At ATKG, business is personal. We take our clients’ goals and our teammates’ careers very personally.

Our Mission: Enhancing prosperity

Our Vision: Rock star people. Rock star clients. Rock star experience.


Our Values:

ATKG looks beyond what’s required. When faced with the ordinary, we look for the extraordinary. Because we proactively ask questions and listen, we find opportunities for our clients and our team that others may miss.
We seek out opportunities to learn. We foster trust, understanding and respect through candid and thoughtful communication. Because we are committed to mutual success, we are receptive to new ideas and constructive feedback.
We do what we say we’re going to do. We follow up and follow through. We are an organization that exhibits the highest level of personal accountability. And we own the outcome of our efforts, every time.
“Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn.” We take an active interest in our clients and our team. We celebrate their successes and approach their challenges as if they were our own.