For over 34 years, when I walk into my restaurants, I am conscious that my customers have choices: 1200-1300 of them to be more specific, because that’s about how many Mexican restaurants there are in San Antonio. I take it very personally, therefore, that they’ve chosen Rosario’s, and treat my guests with the same hospitality that I would someone in my own home.   It’s very flattering to see a line for lunch or to know people are willing to wait an hour on the weekend to dine with us. It means we’re getting it right.

When we were kids, we thought our mom was the best cook.   As we grew up, got into the world and experienced other things, we understood that maybe she wasn’t the “best” cook, but we really liked and enjoyed her food. It’s the same with Rosario’s.   I don’t claim to have the best Mexican food, but I do have consistently really good, really hot food. And if people like it, then it’s our job to replicate it every single time because that’s what they’re expecting.

In the same way that I care about delivering a great experience to my customers, that’s why I came to ATKG six or seven years ago.   Our other accounting firm treated me as just another client – like their car dealership clients, their real estate clients, their flower shop clients. I’d worked with Melanie and Teryn at another of my restaurants, and had admired their “above and beyond” care for us as a restaurant client — restaurants have specific criteria when it comes to managing the big picture. I’d also worked with Eric prior to his coming to ATKG, and valued that he took the time to pick up the phone to give me the headlines and make sure I was looking in the right direction. His arrival at ATKG, in partnership with Melanie and Teryn, sealed the deal for me to become an ATKG client. It was an easy choice.

As I think about my relationship with ATKG, I find them to be proactive. They’re never in crisis mode because they plan accordingly. It’s also good that they’re approachable. I find that important when you’re dealing with someone who’s helping to manage your business.   They are a team of dedicated professionals. They follow through on the things they say they’re going to do, and most importantly, they really care about my success. It’s refreshing to work with the people at ATKG.

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