• Forensic Accounting
  • Business valuation for dispute resolution
  • Asset tracing, reconstruction and cash flow analysis
  • Document management
  • Accounting analysis
  • Reconstituting the community estate
  • Mediation assistance
  • Evaluation of opposing expert reports and testimony
  • Expert deposition and trial testimony

Calling the Cavalry

When you’re in a difficult situation, you want the best team on your side fighting on your behalf.  Our litigation support team is highly skilled at evaluating data, compiling information efficiently, pulling the story out of the numbers, and documenting the evidence to help you resolve a dispute.   Experts in accounting and knowledgeable within the parameters of  the Texas Family Code, related statutes and leading Texas case law, our team specializes in making sense of the dollar figures and helping the legal team resolve complex financial matters.

Frankly My Dear…

ATKG cares about our clients.  We know that when they have a need for our litigation services that it is not an easy time in their lives.   Therefore, our team invests in the personal side of our projects as much as the accounting and legal sides.   We provide peace of mind as well as expert advice.  ATKG’s litigation services team has earned the respect of some of the most noteworthy attorneys in San Antonio and Austin because of both the results we’ve produced and the experience our clients have had during the process.  At ATKG, “business is personal,” and even more so during a family law or business valuation situation.

Experience Matters

With over 35 years in this specialized space, our Litigation Services team is fully prepared to be part of your team.   Our track record speaks for itself.  Contact us.