• Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Back Office Bookkeeping/Payroll/Accounts Payable
  • Billings & Collections
  • Month End or Year-End Accounting and Reconciliations
  • Accounting Staff Supervision and/or Training
  • General Ledger Set Up
  • Depreciation Calculations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounting Manual & Policy Review or Creation
  • Accounting Method Selection
  • Selection and Implementation of Accounting Software
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Outsourced Controller or CFO Services
  • Management Use (Prepared), Compiled or Reviewed Financial Statements
  • Pro-forma Financial Statements
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Industry Benchmarking
  • Internal Control Studies/Separation of Duties Evaluation
  • Agreed Upon Procedures

Dollars and Sense

Easy question: why are you doing accounting? Do you do it just so you have something to give to the IRS? Or are you looking for it to be a value-added function to improve your business? We can help you find your service level sweet spot. We can design a full service plan to run your entire back-office, or we can go more a la carte and provide accounting oversight, run payroll, do a clean-up project or run your monthly financial statements.   Whatever makes sense for your business, ATKG can help you reach your goals.

What Differentiates Us

We take a team approach for our clients. When you become an ATKG client, you’ll get an all-star lineup of experienced professionals on your side. What sets us apart from the big firms is the genuine relationship we cultivate with each of our clients. Our intentional and disciplined approach to keeping our client list small allows us to respond quickly and insightfully to our clients’ needs. The quality of the experience you have with ATKG matters as much to us as the quality of the work papers we produce for you because at ATKG business is personal.

Heart of the Matter

At the end of the day, the timely and proactive use of your financial information will keep your business in tip top shape. We can help you take it to the next level. Let us show you how.