New Kids on the Block


Sorry to disappoint, but this is not actually a blog about ‘90s boy bands (I was an ‘N Sync girl myself). Growing up in a small town, I had the privilege of staying in the same small school district from kindergarten through my senior year. Some of my best friends from my first day of school were right next to me when I walked the stage at graduation. I felt lucky that I never had to deal with the anxiety of being the “new kid” in class.

Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege of getting the “new kid” experience here at ATKG. I came to ATKG from another local accounting firm in June. Even though I already knew Samanta (one of our wonderful managers), I was nervous about transitioning from a firm I’d gotten comfortable at over the years to a new firm which, I could tell from the interview process and word on the street, was a tight knit group of folks. One of the great things about ATKG is that the culture here makes it easy to be the new kid. So much so that five short months later, that “new kid” feeling is a distant memory.

ATKG has several tools in place to make transitioning from another firm a breeze, including training, the new hire buddy system, and mentoring. Unlike many small firms, ATKG doesn’t practice sink or swim when it comes to training. Even us new hires with experience get to spend our first week in the office learning the programs and processes of the firm in a structured way from long time ATKGers. Since every firm is different in the way they do things (even if the work itself is largely the same), this has proved to be invaluable in making the transition as painless as possible.

While the technical aspect of transitioning into a firm can be difficult, the social aspect can be even more so, which is where the new hire buddy system and mentoring program come into play. In addition to some great laughs in the office we share, my “buddy” Hayley and I had a great time hanging out, literally, at Aerial Yoga Boerne. And my mentor, Jan, has been a great resource for navigating life at ATKG.

While even the best kind of change can be stressful, everyone at ATKG does their best to make it easy and I couldn’t be happier that I made the move.

Sara Blackmore, Senior

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