Nerdy Is the New Cool

Diane on the left at the NAWBO ESA Gala

Diane on the left at the NAWBO ESA Gala

Growing up I had dreams of becoming a teacher, a pharmacist, or even joining Disney on Ice. As I grew up I learned a few things: 1) teaching wouldn’t work out because I didn’t want to deal with cranky kids like myself 2) while becoming a pharmacist would be a great career, I hated chemistry 3) as much as skating around with Mickey Mouse sounded like a good idea at the time, I knew it was not a long term career choice. Somehow, after narrowing down my list of majors and choosing business, my accounting course and I clicked and I decided this was the career for me!

Ten years ago, a few months shy of my 21st birthday, I started out on my professional journey by working for my first accounting firm and having no clue what the heck I was doing. I thought that I would be working with a bunch of pocket protector, glasses wearing, nerdy professionals. While I did work with a couple people (not naming any names) who fit those descriptions, I found that most accountants were pretty cool. I had done pretty well in school but that didn’t remotely prepare me for what a career in accounting was going to be like.

After my first year working at an accounting firm, I learned accounting is more than just debits and credits, but a puzzle with many moving pieces. While some may find the constant change frustrating, I find it interesting and challenging.

Five years into my professional career, I realized I need to change firms. I wanted to work somewhere that would give me a balanced life while still providing room to grow professionally. Wow, was ATKG exactly what I was looking for and more! They truly care about their clients, employees, and our community. ATKG is like no other accounting firm or place to work. What makes us truly unique is our culture. Just walk into our offices and you can tell that the employees are passionate at what they do and are invested in the firm.

Looking back ten years ago I had no clue how becoming accountant would be more than just a job. In the past ten years I have created many life time friendships through co-workers, clients, and networking peers. I‘ve not only gained insight into my client’s accounting and tax issues, but also in their various industries. I have gained mentors that have helped guided me throughout the way and have served as role models for my future growth. Who knew this “nerdy” career would provide so many more blessings than expected. Here is to the next 30 years!

Diane White, Manager

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