2017 Tax Planning Guide

Year-end tax planning always has its share of complexity, but in 2017 taxpayers are facing a distinct set of challenges due to the uncertainty surrounding proposed tax reform legislation. Our 2017 Tax Planning Guide contains as much information as possible about potential changes, and we urge you to obtain professional advice before acting upon any of its guidance. We look forward to helping you assess your situation, weigh your options, and prepare for a variety of possible scenarios. As your trusted advisor, you can rely on us to keep you updated on the latest changes and help you prepare for their impact.


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Estate Planning Guide

Wills, trusts, guardianship… these are just some of the things to consider when assessing your estate planning needs.  While our Estate Planning Guide is not intended to take the place of professional advice, it is designed to outline the value of estate planning and discuss some of the tools and strategies available to you to keep transfer taxes to a minimum.  Once you have the basics, we’re happy to help answer questions or move the process along — just contact us.

Events of Education

ATKG, LLP has launched a series of events designed to educate our clients and business partners within each of our various industry practice areas. The topics are relevant to the challenges facing the stakeholders, the food is good and the networking opportunities are second to none. For those unable to make it, or simply wishing to relive the evening, we’ve captured the moments below, both in its entirety and broken out by topic. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pour your own margarita!

1. The Dirt on Key Tax Issues that Affect your Ranch (May, 2014)

 2. QuickBooks Training (timeless)

While hosted in-house on a several occasions, this video offers step-by-step tutorials on one of the industries most frequently used tools.  Not only will you learn some tips and tricks, you’ll get to know our ATKG staff a little better as they are both your hosts and your teachers in this video experience.  Some of the topics covered include:  Utilizing Accounts Receivable, Utilizing Accounts Payable, Memorized Transactions, Form 1099 Reporting, Generating Reports and Class Tracking.

3.  Brews, Bites & Bottom Lines (April, 2015)

ATKG hosted an afternoon of beer and education for restaurants at the Alamo Beer Company.  The afternoon started off with a brewery tour, followed by a sampling of Alamo Beer’s newest brews paired with fabulous food.    Industry experts provided valuable information specific to restaurants about the Affordable Healthcare Act, technology,  benchmarking, and the latest tax updates.   Janna Hamstra with Hamstra Benefit Solutions gave an excellent snapshot of the changes in ACA and how it effects restaurants.  Rana Camargo provided insight into the technology world of restaurants.

It was our pleasure to host some of the “movers and shakers” in the food and beverage industry.  Check out their perspective on the industry, how they got started, and what they do to protect their bottom line.  Then check out our photo blog to see just how amazing the day was.  You can almost taste how delicious it was!