• Wealthy Families
  • Multi-generational Families
  • Families with Succession and Transition Issues
  • Federal and State Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Back Office Accounting and Administration
  • Entity Structure Planning
  • Liability Planning
  • Family Goal Setting and Planning
  • Succession and Transition Planning
  • Deal Financial Analysis and Merger & Acquisition Support
  • Family Financial Education
  • Estate and Transfer Tax
  • Philanthropy Planning

Your Family is Our Business

Families with significant wealth face unique challenges and concerns, and ATKG is well positioned to help navigate those obstacles. Whether it’s handling back office accounting, facilitating difficult family conversations, educating kids on finances or designing succession plans for a multi-generational business, ATKG has the experience and the tools to help families reach their goals. We make it a point to understand the family dynamics and work hand-in-hand with the stakeholders to ensure we meet your unique objectives.

A Family Affair

At ATKG, we say that “business is personal,” and all the more so for Family Office clients. We have designed a team approach for our clients. When you become an ATKG client, you’ll get an all-star lineup of experienced professionals on your side. What sets us apart from the big firms is the genuine relationship we cultivate with each of our clients. Our small size allows us to respond quickly and insightfully to your needs.

We apply our deep understanding of people, families and business to your unique circumstances and needs. We then work together to creatively address your issues.

Acting in your Best Interest

Families and Family Offices can be tricky propositions.   ATKG understands the time and the place for running business issues like a business and the people issues, like, well, people. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.