Sara Blackmore arrived at ATKG in June of 2015.   With a BS in Business Administration (Finance Concentration) from the University of Maine and a Master of Accountancy from UTSA, Sara brings with her significant experience in real estate, construction, oil & gas, restaurants/retail, not for profits and wealth management.  A licensed CPA, Sara is a member of the AICPA, the TSCPA and the SACPA and functions as Senior for ATKG.

A native of Vermont, Sara pins that teeny tiny state’s beauty, cheese, maple syrup and craft beer to her “favorites” list with great adoration.  However, a relatively recent transplant, she and her husband have enjoyed exploring the Lone Star State’s many sites and activities.

Sara is a self-proclaimed modern day hippie, concocting a lot of natural DIY cleaning products, toiletries and home remedies.  We are hoping she’ll bring some of her “green” solutions into the office – some folks bring baked goods, Sara can bring homemade hand sanitizer!  Go Sara!   But don’t let the hippie thing fool you; when asked “Google or Bing,” Sara very smartly said, “Google, of course.  When you don’t know the answer to something, no one says, ‘hang on, let me Bing it.’”  Go Sara – again!