Ryan joined the ATKG family as a full-time staff in August of 2019 after completing a summer internship at ATKG. A 2019 graduate of Texas State University, Ryan was a double major and received bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Finance. Ryan’s work ethic and dedication are especially impressive as he graduated Magna Cum Laude while managing a full-time job throughout college. After two degrees, Ryan says that attending graduate school is next on his to-do list.

When Ryan was twelve years old, he wanted to be a professional basketball player (we’re hoping he meant for the Spurs). Lucky for ATKG, he chose accounting for his career instead. In his spare time, you might find Ryan hiking, playing basketball, or completing puzzles. We asked about his perfect vacation and he said, “anywhere I can see the Northern Lights.” Sounds like it is time for Ryan to enter ATKG’s Bucket List Program!