Melanie arrived at ATKG before it was officially ATKG.  Having determined that the Big Four was a great place to learn the ropes, but not a great place to build a career, Melanie was a solo practitioner and consultant prior to joining the firm as a partner.  A graduate of Trinity University with a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in accounting, Melanie’s CPA experience is both broad and deep: real estate, farm and ranch, oil and gas, retail and professional services.

In addition to Melanie’s vast industry and technical knowledge, Melanie gets and cares about people, both clients and staff alike – and as ATKG’s Managing Partner, that’s what sets the firm apart from others in the field.  The only thing she doesn’t quite understand is people who block the way in the parking lot to wait for a closer space when there are 20 open spaces just down the row!  Truthfully, most of us in the office don’t get this either – must be the get-it-done nature in us!

Deeply involved in the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Melanie sits on the San Antonio Board of Directors and is the Director of the teen scholarship program, Entrepreneurial Connections.  Under her leadership, the program has given away more the $20,000 in scholarships in each of the last three years.  While Melanie takes both her work and her community involvement very seriously, she also sees the lighter side of it by serving as the assistant troop leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  While Melanie is the healthiest eater in the office and gently encourages others, we manage to keep a large stockpile of our favorite cookies in the break room during a few peak weeks of the year!

The mother of twin boys and a daughter, Melanie is a perpetual athlete in training.  While she loves to hike and swim, biking is at the top of Melanie’s exercise favorites.  But when push comes to shove, relaxing on the beach with her family and friends is her definition of a perfect day.