Dee has worn many hats over the years at ATKG. She’s often the voice at the end of the phone or the problem-solver on an account. These days she’s ATKG’s Office Manager, which means she wears even more hats. She’s the boss of things like our physical space, billing, insurance, and more often than not, us in general.

When Dee was a kid, she wanted to be an athletic trainer, until she realized the sight of nasty injuries made her black out. When she came to, she decided to pursue dual degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology at UTSA. She keeps in touch with her passion for sports, however, by coaching girls’ basketball and running the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon every year.

Dee is one of those rare people who can actually make things on Pinterest come out the way they’re supposed to, and has recently declared her undying love for Mod Podge. She’s a big fan of rock music and has seen many bands in concert, including Korn and Sublime.  When she has time for Happy Hour between work and the kids, she has a tough time choosing between beer and margaritas, unless one is on special. Then it’s an easy tie-breaker!