Carlee first joined ATKG as an intern in 2019. She is scheduled to graduate from Texas Lutheran University in May of 2020 with a master’s in accounting and a minor in information systems. But ATKG knows talent when we see it, so Carlee has joined our Rock Star line-up part-time while she completes her studies.

When Carlee was 12, she wanted to be a marine biologist just so she could swim with dolphins. Instead she’s heading down the accountant path and says that’s okay because she got to swim with them during a trip to Mexico. Her perfect vacation is anywhere warm, near water and surrounded by family. But the locale must be pet friendly because Carlee and her fiancé are parents to Nova. Sweet Nova spent the day at ATKG as part of our Furry Friends Friday program. We’ve decided…we like having both Carlee AND Nova around!