Carla joined the ATKG family in March of 2016. Carla is an Alabamian transplanted in Texas with over twenty-five years of experience in bookkeeping and tax preparation. A graduate of UTSA, Carla has spent time working for the IRS, a national courier service and a local family office. In her “spare” time, she owns and operates a trucking business, which also makes her an entrepreneur and a small business owner – two roles that are like music to ATKGers’ ears. Carla’s experience goes deep into the energy and wealth management sectors. Holding the title of Certified Public Bookkeeper, Carla is the perfect person to help keep our clients on track and prosperous.

When she’s not working like a maniac (we’re not quite sure when that is yet!), Carla and her daughter Taylor love to shop (son Justin joins in when he can!). Carla is a family woman through and through. When we asked her what she wanted to be when she was twelve years old, she enthusiastically replied, “A mother!” Now that both of her children are grown and out of the nest, she sits back watching them thrive, alternating as needed between cheerleader and mentor.

Carla’s energy is limitless, and so is her compassion. When she’s not caring for her family or her jobs, she fosters dogs for a non-profit rescue organization.  She cares for these animals until they can be transported to Maryland, a state where they currently have a shortage of dogs.  With all this goodness, it was nice to hear that Carla describes herself and her best friend as “Thelma and Louise” (Carla’s Thelma!)… just a touch of spice to go with all that sugar!

Xero Certified Adviser