Brian holds the unique honor of being the longest tenured employee at ATKG, predating all of the partners and bearing witness to the iterations of our logos, dress code and office decor.  A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in business administration – accounting, Brian began working for the firm right out of college, focusing his career on real estate and energy/oil & gas.

A graduate of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Leadership lab and a CPA, Brian is one of the firm’s best teachers, patiently explaining details to junior team members or calmly discussing critical issues with clients.  He has also managed to parlay a hobby into another role at the firm: resident marine biologist.  In this capacity, Brian has led the team through the intricacies of buying, stocking and caring for ATKG’s saltwater aquarium.  Now that we have officially combined Brian’s work with his “play,” we are sure he will remain ATKG’s longest tenured employee.

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