Bobby joined the ATKG family in July of 2018, and we are so glad he did.  A 2015 graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Bobby earned his bachelor’s in accounting and spent three years at another San Antonio accounting firm before taking the leap to ATKG. He comes to us with experience already in various industries such as real estate, retail and professional services which line up with just some our focuses here at ATKG.

Growing up, Bobby wanted to be a marine biologist specializing in sharks (although, we’re pretty sure he just wanted to make it on Shark Week), so let’s just say we’re happy he gave accounting a shot! When not working on tax returns, Bobby enjoys eating at different restaurants, checking out live music and chilling by the pool. His idea of a perfect vacation is anywhere with sand and water, but would you expect anything else from a guy who grew up less than thirty minutes from the beach?