As ATKG’s firm administrator, Andrea began her journey at ATKG in October 2018. She comes to us with 22+ years of experience, specifically in the areas of technology, government and healthcare. Andrea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, obtained from Minot State University and an MBA from Southern Nazarene University.

Andrea has won several awards in her career such as, HR Employer of the Year (2016), Excellence in Engagement Strategy (2016) and Total Rewards (2017)…phew!  She currently is a board member for the San Antonio Human Resource Management Association where she serves as the Marketing & PR Director and she previously served as the President for Toastmasters from 2015-2018.

When she’s not winning HR awards or serving on boards, Andrea enjoys spending time with her two sons, Luke & Mitchell. Although now that they’re 23 and 21 years old, she’s seeking some new hobbies! Andrea’s dream vacay is heading out on a cruise to well, anywhere where no one can get a hold of her (except for her ATKGers, of course)! Welcome, Andrea!