Amy joined ATKG as an intern in 2012 and was affectionately nicknamed “The Perpetual Intern.”  She became a permanent member of the team in 2013. Amy graduated magna cum laude from UTSA with a BBA in Accounting and a Masters of Accountancy. A licensed CPA, Amy has worked in several industries including real estate, professional services, and retail. In 2015, Amy participated in StrengthsFinder, a program to help people uncover their talents. As a result, Amy now serves as a key contributor on the marketing and recruiting front for ATKG.

Amy’s fun personality is infectious. Her laid-back attitude paired with her willingness to work hard and get the job done makes her a great role model.  Amy also spearheads Millennial Moment: Welcome to the Real World, a blog for millennials by millennials to help the leaders of tomorrow get through some of the trials of today. Check out the latest posts here!

While in school, Amy had the opportunity to study in Europe twice and was bit by the travel bug. She now takes advantage of every opportunity she can to travel to new places, but New York City remains her favorite. She may have wanted to be a Broadway star while growing up, but we are all really glad she chose accounting instead!