3 Star Daylighting


3 Star Daylighting is a unique business.   We haul off the salt water that is produced off gas wells either as flow back from fracking or when the well is first established.  In addition to hauling, we have a mud dog division that non-invasively cleans frack tanks and lines with high pressure water.  That’s where the term “daylighting” in our name came from – bringing the lines to the surface – interesting trivia, even though trucking is our primary source of revenue.

We started as a very small company – three people, a driver and some trucks. When 3 Star began operations in November of 2005, we had a goal in mind:  to take this business from a small operation to a very large and successful organization. That’s exactly what we’ve done.  We now operate with over 200 employees, 30 staff members and 175 drivers. Our drivers come from all over, but must have at least one year experience of driving fluids because it is a dangerous haul to make.

When 3 Star and ATKG began working together, we knew it was going to be a lasting relationship. We work a lot with Diane.  She is a joy to talk to, work with and be around. Her laugh is contagious and helps to make work fun. Diane and the staff at ATKG care not only about our workload, but also about what we have going on in our lives. We have a very personal relationship.  They are always willing to take on additional tasks or research issues to give us the most accurate accounting or tax information. They’re also the first ones to bring a piece of wisdom or current events, long before I get it from another source. They are forward-thinking, progressive, responsible.

ATKG has truly impacted the success of 3 Star Daylighting. They prepare our monthly financial statements, and as a result, we can confidently present those statements at any time to a bank or insurance company.  ATKG not only stands behind us and supports us at all times, but they stand with us and work as a team. We appreciate ATKG’s integrity and honesty, but we also appreciate their friendship. They help us make smart business moves, utilizing all the resources at our disposal. It’s a very good partnership, and one we’re looking forward to continuing for a long time.


— Melanie Fluitt, Controller

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