10 Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life


We all know someone who makes scrumptious dishes for gatherings, orders courageously from menus at restaurants, and always seems to have answers to any questions concerning food or beverage. Society has labeled them as “Foodies,” but we lovingly know them as brother, sister, spouse or lifelong friend.

With the holidays upon us, finding the perfect gift for a Foodie could be daunting. This list consists of 10 items every Foodie would appreciate and enjoy, accompanied by a brief description of noteworthy features.

  • Hardwood Cutting Board – Cutting boards can be made out of hardwoods such as maple, walnut or cherry and are very durable. Hardwood cutting boards will not dull knives or harbor bacteria. They are often reversible and great to use as display pieces for such foodie favorites as charcuterie. For an extra special touch, we recommend having the board monogrammed.
  • Pizza Stone – A pizza stone acts like the floor of a large, commercial pizza oven, which radiates heat around the pizza while it bakes. They are made from a variety of materials that tolerate high heat and are often accompanied by a peel (a wooden paddle used to raise pizza to check for proper baking). Foodies will love creating new pizza flavors with the ability to produce restaurant-style crusts by using a pizza stone.

  • Silicone Ice Molds – Compared to traditional molds these make it simple to achieve different shapes and sizes without the hassle of ice release. Sphere ice molds are the most iconic and are currently seen in high-end bars for liquors ordered “on the rocks.” If your Foodie is playful, there are a wide variety of molds available online that produce creative shapes.

  • Mandolin Slicer – A slicer can be a preparation lifesaver for Foodies, replacing hours of knife cutting with seconds of slicing. Models come in a wide variety with various interchangeable blades and a choice of plastic or metal bases.

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids – There are many choices and most can be bought online as a set. The preferred bowls have a rubber-type base and airtight lids. Some sets even have built-in graters and a complimentary colander.
  • Hot/Cold Food Transportation Bag – The market for these types of bags has erupted. The main considerations are size, appearance and ability to be cleaned.
  • Chef Knives with Sharpener – A good Chef knife will last a lifetime. Compliments to a Chef knife are a paring knife or a hand held knife sharpener.
  • Cooking Lessons – Local listings provide Foodies with great options to expand their repertoire. Ice cream and bread from scratch are great examples of classes.
  • Immersion Hand Blender –Smaller batches of salsas or unique blending are a cinch with a hand held immersion blender. Many offer interchangeable attachments increasing use and storage containers. Cordless is also an option.

  • Cast Iron Cookware – Durability and consistent heat distribution are the two main reasons why cooks lean towards cast iron. “Pre-seasoned” in relation to cast iron means that the cookware has been treated with a wax coating or vegetable oil. Cast iron ownership means treating your cookware with vegetable oil or shortening to avoid rusting. Before you purchase, make sure to know if your Foodie cooks on a gas or electric range versus a glass top stove. The combination of glass top stove and cast iron pan would not be ideal.

Hopefully one of the above items inspires you to purchase the perfect gift for your Foodie. They will appreciate your support of their passion and the belief you have in them to keep creating remarkable dishes.

Happy holiday shopping and on behalf of my Foodie brethren, thank you in advance for the wonderful gifts!



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